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Islington Young People Discover Animal Care - Part 3

A chance to learn about caring for the animals on the farm and work towards a nationally recognised accreditation. Over five weeks you will learn how to carry out the daily animal care tasks on the farm and if you like complete an assessment record to gain accreditation for your learning from the Open College Network. Tasks will include feeding, grooming, exercising and mucking out. It’s a hands on course so expect to get up close to the animals, be prepared for some physical and dirty work and to have fun with other young people who love animals.

If you want to take part email to book your place or just drop-in

If you can’t make every week but still want to come along that’s fine and you can still make a start on the course and come to catch up sessions over the coming year.

Participation in these sessions will also enable you to complete the farm Health and Safety Induction ready to join our term time Young Farmers / Volunteer Sessions each weekend.