You can make a difference!

We are determined to provide free access to Freightliners Farm to all.

We would be very grateful if you could help to support our work in the Islington community.



Your donation allows us to look after our animals, organise a range of activities for our visitors and support the work of our volunteers. Donations of any size are much appreciated!

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corporate sponsorship

We organise "Corporate Away-Days" for local businesses, which allow your team to get involved in the local community. Build relationships by getting your hands dirty together on a worthwhile project!

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5 ways to help fundraising campaign

In 2018 Freightliners is celebrating 40 years of city farming in the heart of Islington however this year sustained funding pressures mean that we have a shortfall in income and need £30,000 to keep going and more to carry out essential renovation work.  In addition we are seeing an unprecedented increase in demand for services especially from the most vulnerable.  More funding means we can push forwards with our work in the community.  We need your support so we have launched our biggest local fundraising campaign for years - 5 ways to help.  We're asking our friends and supporters to get involved however they can.

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