On 30th September 2017...The farm will be taking part in the City Harvest Festival at Capel Manor College in Enfield.  One of the highlights of our year, the show brings together City Farms and Community Gardens from across London in friendly competition.  The show is open to the public and is a fun day out so please do come along and cheer us on.  Find more details of the show here or get in touch if you'd be interested in a space on our minibus.

New Arrival

We'd like to announce the arrival of our new Bagot goat kid who arrived on Saturday 8th July and was recently named Gretel.  Her name was chosen from over 100 names suggested by visitors, volunteers and friends following a vote by farm staff and volunteers.  Gretel received the most votes by a narrow margin from Gladys and Geraldine.  Other names in contention were Sparkle, Violet, Brigitte and Domino.  A suggestion of Gisla after the old English name which formed part of an ancient place name Gisla's Dune from which Islington is thought to have been derived was also noted with interest.

Just over a month to go to raise funds for the farm when you're shopping with Co-op


Freightliners Farm has been chosen as a charity partner for the local Co-ops: this means that if you are a co-op member, you can direct the 1% that the Co-op donates to charity to Freightliners Farm. This will help to:

  • provide 1000 school children with guided visits enabling them to see farm animals in real life.
  • support educational activities for children and young people through the busy spring and summer period on the farm.
  • provide up to 300 local children and their families with free holiday activities encouraging families to spend time outdoors, learn and play together and experience new things.

For more information and to vote for the farm click here.

Cow v Pig - March 2017

The battle of the biggest beasts in our farmyard took place on 19 March 2017, when friends of Freightliners Farm raised funds by dressing as cows and pigs and running through Islington.

The money raised will help to feed and house the cows, pigs and other rare breed animals at Freightliners City Farm.

Huge thanks to everyone who joined our "Cow v Pig" sponsored run! We look forward to running with you all again next year!